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VOLT® Salty Dog MR16 In-Grade Light

Introducing our most advanced, fully submersible, lamp-ready in-grade light.

We've redesigned the in-grade light from the ground up - starting with a cold forged brass body, pressure fit gaskets, new water tight wire glands, and lamp ready capability for a wide array of LED MR16 lamps. Our line of "Salty Dog" in-grade lights are the first of its kind that can be fully submerged without risk of damaging the fixture.

Cold forged brass is less porous than cast brass and better suited for water-related conditions. Our newly designed wire glands ensure that water cannot get into the fixture from one of the most common points of failure. Pressure fit gaskets ensure a tight seal that will keep water out of the internal housing. Lamp-ready for our wide array of MR16 lamps.