Video | VOLT® Shine Stone™ Integrated LED Paver Light (6" X 9")

VOLT® Shine Stone™ Integrated LED Paver Light (6" X 9")

Attractive and easy-to-install integrated LED paver light with low-profile, stainless steel construction, and durable frosted glass.

The VOLT® Shine Stone™ Paver Light replaces a standard 6" by 9" paver. With a shallow profile, the Shine Stone™ installs in minutes. The solid glass top is fully supported by a stainless steel body and withstands normal drive-over traffic. LEDs and drivers are fully potted for moisture protection. The final effect? Patterns of glowing pavers, easy on the eyes, and beautiful to behold.

Pave stone lights provide glowing accents along driveways and pathways. They can also define boundaries of patios and seating areas. Since all pave stone lights face upward, they can present a glare risk. The VOLT® Shine Stone™ reduces glare by delivering a low light level through frosted glass - effectively diffusing the light to ensure visual comfort.