Video | VOLT® Lighting Explained | Selecting Beam Spreads

VOLT® Lighting Explained | Selecting Beam Spreads

Beam Angle describes the beam’s width. For example, lamps can have very narrow, narrow, wide, or extra wide beams. These terms don't actually describe the distance from one side of the beam to the other. Instead, they describe the angles measured from the center of the beam to its edges. If you think of slices in a pie, each slice is a portion that can be measured in degrees. The whole pie is 360º. Divide that pie into 6 pieces and you get 60º pieces. Each 60º slice is similar in shape to a 60º beam of light. Spotlights (or their bulbs) are available in beam angles of 60º and less. Anything greater than 60º is considered a floodlight..