Video | VOLT® Decorative Bollard Path & Area Lights

Summary: Take your landscape lighting to the next level with VOLT® Bollards. No other lights have such a powerful impact and emotional appeal. They project compelling patterns of light and shadow onto your walkway, patio, deck or lawn area. They also shine upward to cast patterns on walls and ceilings. 

Video Transcript

Nothing compares to the unique lighting created by VOLT's decorative bollards.

These illuminated towers project exquisite patterns of light and shadow.

They decorate surrounding surfaces on paths, gardens, and walls.

Beautiful day and night, the bollards are made of intricate panels and two designs.

The nature inspired leaf towers and music inspired scroll towers.

Available in bronze or black finishes and in two sizes short and tall.

Two energy efficient LED light sources create the patterns in each bollard. One under the top cap the other in the base.

Install these eye-catching illuminated towers in your landscape and enjoy the beauty.