VOLT® Lens Optics and Filter Binder

Product Code: VAC-BINDER1
  • Best way to store, display and transport lenses and filters
  • Works for 2" and 3" sizes
  • Great for previewing dichroic colors
  • Includes dichroic color guide
  • Lenses and filters sold separately
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VOLT® Lens Optics and Filter Binder

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VOLT® Lens and Filter Storage Binder

The absolute best way to store and transport your lenses and filters. Without this binder, your valuable glass lenses and dichroic filters may be lost or damaged - especially when packed in boxes that contain other products.

There are two main uses of the binder.

  • For Storage and Transport. When you purchase filters, lenses, or optics, immediately insert them into the binder. The binders are divided by product type and size. If needed, label the filters with the provided removable labels. You can also use the small round dots to seal the pockets so the products don't fall out. Upon arriving at the job site, remove the products for use in the field. There's no better way to protect these lenses, filters and optics.
  • For Testing & Demonstration. For designers who like to use a variety of lenses and filters, it's often helpful to have samples of the full range of these products on hand in the field. The binder is especially good for dichroic color filters. Each pocket page is separated by a blank page of graph paper. The page is there as a backing so dichroic colors can be viewed accurately. A great technique is to lift the pocket page slightly and shine a light through the color filter to see the projected color on the page below. This can be done with the client present to show the colors before inserting into the fixtures.

Contents Include:

  • (1) 3-ring binder
  • (1) Sheet of removable labels for tabs and product names
  • (1) Sheet of removable circles to seal pockets
  • (3) Tabbed section dividers
  • (6) 12-pocket (2") clear vinyl sheets
  • (9) 6-pocket (3") clear vinyl sheets
  • Instructions and Dichroic Color Filter Guide

Binder holds a total of (72) 2" lenses or filters, and (54) 3" lenses or filters. Replacements for all components can be ordered from VOLT Customer Support.

Important note: Keep the binder in a cool dry place. It should not be left in a hot truck. Lenses and filters sold separately

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