News | VOLT® Lighting Launches Coachman™ Path & Area Light


VOLT® Lighting, leading factory-direct manufacturer of landscape lighting products, announced the launch of its latest ‘Estate Series’ light - the Coachman™ LED Path and Area Light. This ornate post light has a patent-pending design that showcases an ultra-realistic LED candle in a traditional lantern. In addition, it provides general glare-free area illumination from a second, hidden light source.

Watch the Coachman™ LED Path Light video.

Steve Parrott, VOLT® Communications Director, puts this new invention in a historical perspective. “Prior to modern times, it was common practice to illuminate the entrance to the home with a candlelit lantern. Electricity came on the scene, and bulbs replaced the flame. While this change allowed coach lanterns to become brighter (with advantages in safety and security), the beauty and ambience was lost.”

Parrott continues, “In my opinion, candlelit lanterns were the perfect lights to welcome someone to the home. The flickering flame is inherently beautiful and just bright enough to light the way (when ambient light is very low). With the introduction of light bulbs, coach lights became overly bright, to the point where they interfere with vision and pollute the neighborhood with stray light.”

Steve Parrott, Communications Director, describes the first time he saw the ShadowMaster™ in a finished lighting project, “Before visiting the site, I didn’t know whether or not I would like the effect. Then I entered the driveway – to my left and right, the path lights stood as stately pillars. Their projected light spilled onto the driveway and road – the patterns of light and shadow a sophisticated and tasteful welcome to the property.”

VOLT® engineers proceeded from this historical perspective and focused on using modern technology to accomplish two goals: First, to re-create the look of a real candlelit lantern. Second, to provide sufficient illumination to satisfy needs for safety and security. They recognized that the two goals conflict, ‘How can you showcase a single candle while projecting very bright light for area illumination?’

Jesse Harper, Product Development Manager, describes how these conflicting goals were addressed, “The first goal required the invention of an ultra-realistic LED candle powered by the luminaire’s low-voltage current. The solution uses a candle with a bi-pin connector - a new VOLT® invention that allows for easy replacement of the candle if needed.”

Harper comments about the future of VOLT® product development, “We are extremely fortunate to have a company culture that encourages new ideas. And, that invests in resources such as 3-D printing, rapid prototyping, and photometric test equipment. This is the perfect way to turn ideas into products. I feel very lucky to work in such a forward-thinking company with talented and creative people, and with the resources to make it happen.”

Harper continues, “Second, to achieve area illumination, we recognized that it was impossible to provide this from the lantern itself. Instead, we constructed a shield that extends below the lantern - with an LED bulb attached inside. This shield has the same hexagonal geometry as the lantern, so it complements the overall design.”

The result of this unique configuration is that the projected area light has the same hexagonal shape as the six-sided candlelit lantern. This light also appears to have the same ‘very warm white’ color as the LED candle – no accident since Harper’s team created a series of LED lamps with the same color temperature (2200K) as light from the candle. This combination of the shape of the projected light and its color creates an illusion that the area light is from the candle (not from the hidden LED).

To be clear, the purpose of the illusion is to allow the viewer an unobstructed view of the candle so he or she can experience the resulting warm and welcoming mood - also made possible by the height of the fixture that puts the candle at eye-level. In addition, the viewer gets the benefits of area illumination needed for safe passage and security - without the direct glare that usually accompanies such light.

Harper comments on other benefits of this unique fixture, “While our primary focus is on the viewer’s experience, we also recognize the impacts on the environment. Typical coach lights project light in all directions – an energy-wasting approach. In comparison, the Coachman™ only projects light where it is needed – and none of it projects above the horizon. As with nearly all VOLT® path lights, the Coachman™ is dark-sky compliant.”

For more information about the VOLT® Coachman™ LED Path and Area Light, visit the VOLT® Lighting website or call 813-978-3700.

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