News | VOLT® Launches the Salty Dogs

VOLT® introduces the next generation of MR16 and integrated LED underwater, in-grade and well lights.

Good quality underwater lights, especially with integrated LED technologies, have always been a challenge to find - until now. VOLT® Lighting has finally cracked the code on the ultimate Underwater Lights with our new mounting, tool-less adjustability, pressure fit gaskets and the latest in LED technology. 

Well lights have also always suffered from flooding, or just water ingress which isn't usually covered by warranties because the fixtures themselves were never designed to be placed in areas that would be susceptible to water in the first place. We've taken the same approach to our well lights as we did with the underwater lights to ensure the same powerful seal so you can install these fixtures with confidence. 

These fixtures all come ready to accept MR16 lamps or with our integrated LED technology making them ready to go right from the box into the application. The Salty Dog line of fixtures are the next evolution in what should be expected of high quality landscape lighting fixtures. 

Learn more about our Salty Dog Well Lights & In-Grades & Salty Dog Underwater Lights.