News | VOLT® Introduces New 120V Path Lights

Tampa, FL. March 22, 2019

Introducing 120V Path Lighting

Already widely recognized in neighborhoods across the globe for its outdoor lighting systems, VOLT® Lighting also strives to offer professional quality products for commercial applications, and larger residential properties. In addition to specializing in low-voltage landscape lighting (12V), VOLT® also designs and manufacturers line-voltage products (120V). Line-voltage is the standard voltage that's found in outlets and junction boxes in the United States and Canada; it is the voltage that powers our electrical appliances and other household items.

Why Use Line-Voltage?

Line-voltage fixtures (120V) are typically used for commercial properties, municipal uses, or larger residential estates. Line-voltage systems generally offer brighter lights (fixtures with higher lumen counts) and they are ideal for areas where power needs to be evenly distributed over long distances.
With its latest release, VOLT® has introduced a new series of 120V Path Lights:

120V Path Lights

Our Newest 120V Path Lighting Fixtures

  • 120V Monarch Path & Area Light
  • 120V Ares Path & Area Light
  • 120V Colonial Path & Area Light
  • 120V Stratum Two-Tier Path & Area Light
  • Key Features

  • Estate Size (36.5" tall)
  • Solid Cast Brass Construction
  • Antique Bronze Finish
  • Input Voltage: 120-VAC
  • 5-Year Warranty