News | VOLT® Introduces Inspire-A-Neighbor Program

News | Tampa, FL, September 24, 2018

VOLT® Lighting, the leading factory-direct manufacturer of professional-quality landscape lighting, has introduced its new, Inspire-A-Neighbor savings program.

Value is arguably the most influential factor associated with any purchase; today’s consumers want reassurance that they are receiving the highest quality products and services for their hard-earned dollars. VOLT® understands this desire for the “best bang for your buck” and has taken steps to offer you the best value in the industry. In addition to the low prices, professional quality and top-rated customer service which they already offer, you can now save even more money through the new program.

Introducing, the new, Inspire-A-Neighbor savings program. This program, exclusive to VOLT® in the landscape lighting industry, gives supporters the chance to save additional funds on their orders by referring their neighbors. The process is quick and convenient, and it offers another method in which consumers can save money with VOLT® Lighting.

To learn how you can earn, visit VOLT® Inspire-A-Neighbor Program.