News | VOLT® Announces New Infiniti™ G4 Integrated Brass Landscape Spotlights

News | Tampa, FL, October 11, 2018

Tampa based landscape lighting manufacturer VOLT® Lighting has improved the technologies behind its integrated fixtures and LED light bulbs. Already leading the industry in quality of products and services offered, VOLT® continues to push the envelope by implementing innovative single-source technology into its new generation of Infiniti™ G4 LED spotlights.

The most significant and noticeable improvement made to the third generation Infinitis™ is the number of LED diodes used to produce light. Previously, the Infiniti™ fixtures utilized either 3-up or 6-up diodes (depending on the version). They now utilize single emitter diodes. Although the number of diodes used has changed, the versions available for purchase will not. VOLT® will continue to offer its flagship integrated spotlight series in three different power options/sizes: 6W, 8W, and 12W.

“The new single source CREE® LEDs. will optimize the quality of the light output for the entire line of fixtures. Single source LEDs allow for a crisp throw of light that is free of hotspots. As the light is being cast from a single emitter, there is essentially no minor overlapping from multiple beams of light being projected from multiple emitters.” Said Jesse Harper Product Development Manager at VOLT®.

Overall, the quality of the designs in regards to functionality and longevity will remain consistent for the fourth generation Infinitis™. The new series maintains solid brass housings with elegant brushed bronze finishes - raw metals that will patina beautifully as they age. The new generation is also customizable with interchangeable optics and fully-adjustable glare guards. These features allow for the convenient adjusting of light output with regards to beam spread, color temperature, colored optics and glare control. And as with all of the brass spotlights offered by VOLT® Lighting, the new Infiniti's™ are backed by a lifetime warranty.