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What are spotlights used for?

If landscape lighting is painting with light, then spotlights are the brushes. Spotlights are used for emphasis in outdoor lighting – to call attention to specific architectural or landscape features. Unlike floodlights that shed light across a wide area, spotlights have narrower beams so they can focus on one thing at a time.

What are the best LED spotlights?

VOLT® offers the greatest variety of professional quality low-voltage outdoor spotlights, accent lights and bullet lights in the industry. Every model is designed for easy installation and adjustment as well as a lifetime of durability in every type of outdoor environment. Constructed of solid brass or copper, with no paint or powder coating to peel or corrode, they maintain their beauty for years to come. Our spotlights range from the most advanced and feature-filled Infiniti™ series to the All-Star Mini Spotlight - a compact and effective miniature light. Beam angles are available from Wide Flood 60º to Very Narrow 12º. Light outputs vary from very low to very high. Whatever you need to illuminate, VOLT® has the best outdoor LED spotlight for the application.

Are spotlights expensive?

Not with our factory-direct low pricing. For example, our Fat Boy spotlight is easily the most affordable all-brass fixture in low voltage outdoor lighting.

How do you choose LED spotlights?

When considering how to select spotlights, start by thinking about your application. VOLT® has a wide selection of quality spotlights for uplighting your home, trees, gazebos or statuary - as well as downlights for illuminating patios and decks, and underwater lights for use in water features like ponds and fountains.

Do outside lights deter burglars?

A home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the United States. Residential burglaries account for nearly 70 percent of all burglary offenses, and yet police solve less than 15 percent of the cases that get reported. Outdoor lighting is critical for home security, as it deters burglars, makes nighttime tasks around the home (finding keys, walking the dog, etc.) safer, and helps homeowners recognize and defend themselves from threats. For example, spotlights can be aimed up at the areas between second-story windows, and downlights can be used to cast down light on decks as well as first-floor doors and windows.

What is the strongest spotlight?

Our 120V Max All-Star integrated LED spotlight has a whopping light output of 1800 lumens. This line voltage fixture is typically used in commercial and municipal applications. Homeowners can also use it to illuminate larger landscape features (large trees, flag poles, large sculptures, etc.) or architectural features on an estate-size home. However, low voltage landscape lighting is more common for residential use.

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