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Our most popular pathway lights have simple, classic designs that complement all architectural styles.

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These pathway lights have extra flair or unique designs, ranging from the ornate to the contemporary.

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These generously-sized pathway lights are ideal for expansive settings around larger homes.

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VOLT® pathway lights receive great reviews from both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. These fixtures are durable, produce beautiful illumination and have the landscape lighting industry’s best warranties. On top of all that, you buy them at factory-direct low prices.

• Well Engineered and Constructed. In-house VOLT® designers create brass and copper path lights with professional-grade components for a lifetime of durability.

• Designed for Performance. Path lights have important functions – primarily safety, security and beauty. To fulfill these functions, the lights must deliver the right amount (and quality) of illumination. Our path lights are tested first in the VOLT® Innovation Lab to make sure they deliver light with the correct properties, then are tested in the field.

Where should path lights be installed?

As the name suggests, path lights are ideal for paths around your home. But in addition to walkways, they are ideal for gardens, flower beds, along driveways, around patios and more.

How many path lights do I need?

It depends on the area you need to illuminate, your terrain, the effect you'd like to achieve and the beam spread of the fixtures you select. For example, our Max Spread path lights produce roughly a 16-foot diameter beam spread. For continuous illumination along a flat path, they'd be spaced about 16 feet apart. For independent pools of light, they'd be spaced about 20 feet apart. On the other hand, our Mushroom Mini path lights have an 8-foot diameter beam spread. They'd be spaced about 8 feet apart for continuous illumination along path, or 10 feet apart for independent pools of light.

Bear in mind, a fixture is generally placed very near the beginning and end of the path. Let's say you're using the Max Spread on a 50-foot path; you'd add 16 feet to account for the two beginning/end fixtures, because half of their light will extend beyond the path. The 66-foot length divided by a 16-foot beam spread would 4.125 fixtures, which you might round up to five. Or for the Mushroom Mini, you'd add 8 feet. So, 58 feet divided by the 8-foot beam spread is 7.25 fixtures, which you might round up to eight.

How should path lights be arranged?

Path lights can be placed all along one side of a walkway - but it usually looks better if they're staggered or laid out in a zig-zag fashion. Be sure to factor that into your measurements when deciding how many fixtures you need. If you have a wide path and you're using a zig-zag pattern, then you wouldn't just measure the length of the path; you'd need to measure the length of the zig-zag pattern from fixture to fixture.

How do I choose the right path light?

When thinking about how to select path lights, consider your application and your tastes. Would you prefer brass or copper? If it's brass, we offer antique bronze and black finishes. What suits your architecture and landscape - classic styles like the Conehead or China Hat, a contemporary Modernelle, or one of ornate decorative path lights? Does your home require one of our estate-size fixtures? Do you want the wider beam spread of a tall fixture with a wide hat (and perhaps a telescopic extension) for use in a garden, or do you have a narrow path along which a small hat would be more appropriate? Whatever your needs, VOLT® has the best path lights for you! If you need help choosing, give our lighting experts a call at (813) 978-3700 (8 am - 8 pm ET Monday-Friday, 10 am - 6 pm Saturday-Sunday).


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Path and area lights are a great way to add safety and beauty to your home's pathways, driveways, patios, and gardens. But there are so many types and styles from which to choose. Some types are best for illuminating paths, steps, and low foliage. While others are better for casting light across a wide area. Learn how to choose the right path and area lights for your project. A classic stem-and-hat style is one of the most versatile choices. Directional path lights with adjustable heads work great when a more focused beam is desired. In this video, we'll help you choose your path and area lights.