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  • Decorating With Solar-Powered Holiday Lights

    Tired of unraveling extension cords and wondering what your electric bill is going to be at the end of December? Look no further; VOLT® offers solar-powered holiday lights!

  • Landscape Lighting for the Holidays

    Decorate your home for the holidays this year with color-coordinated, low-voltage landscape lighting. Colored lenses are simple to install, affordable, and reusable. 

  • How Landscape Lighting Affects Lawn Care

    Installing a basic landscape lighting system is an easy DIY project that, if done correctly, poses very little risk of lawn damage. Of course, you can also hire a pro to do it for you.

  • A DIYer's Dream - The Top Dog Spotlight

    Learn about the Top Dog Spotlight. This solid brass uplight features a convex lens, toothed knuckle and adjustable glare guard.

  • 5 Beautiful, Simple Landscape Lighting Techniques for Your Home

    Learn about these five landscape lighting techniques that add beauty and allure to your home's exterior at night.

  • Is Landscape Lighting Worth It? What Are the Benefits?

    Outdoor lighting is becoming a home improvement must-have. Let’s review the benefits of installing a landscape lighting system.

  • VOLT vs. Big Box Stores - The Benefits of Factory-Direct

    Let’s review how the factory-direct products and services from VOLT Lighting stack up against the big box, brick-and-mortar competition.

  • How Landscape Lighting Increases Home Security

    Landscape lighting deters would-be intruders by illuminating all entry/exit points, eliminating dark areas and potential hiding spots, and creating the illusion of an occupied residence.

  • National Sunglasses Day: The Importance of Lenses

    Just as lenses are important in the design of sunglasses, they are equally important when it comes to designing a beautiful low voltage landscape lighting system.

  • 5 Myths About Installing Landscape Lighting

    Let's cover some of the most common misconceptions surrounding landscape lighting!

  • Patio Lighting For Spring

    A properly lit patio offers an oasis for relaxation and a safe haven to recharge after a long, busy day. Light and color can create the right atmosphere for mood and ambiance while also providing safety.

  • Path & Area Lights: Beautiful & Functional

    Safety and security are often the main purposes of path lighting - but homeowners should also keep beauty in mind by selecting aesthetically pleasing fixtures.

  • Which Kit Is Best For You?

    Conveniently pre-assembled kits offer all of the components needed for a complete landscape lighting system, bundled at reduced costs. Thanks to these handy kits, a homeowner can completely transform a house while getting the accomplished feeling of successfully completing a DIY project with beautiful results.

  • Creating Functional Outdoor Spaces

    As landscape lighting technology has advanced, so have the unique control features available to homeowners who want to decide how and when their systems function.

  • Staying Involved in a Project That Requires a Contractor

    Let’s review what you need to know for a landscape lighting project involving a professional contractor and how best to stay involved before, during and after the project is completed.

  • Home Lighting: Increasing Beauty & Utility with Outdoor Spotlights

    If landscape lighting is painting with light, then spotlights are the brushes. Spotlights can be applied to most  applications and are commonly used for emphasis.

  • Lumens to Watts Conversion: Choose the Right LED Replacement Bulb

    The old days of selecting light bulbs by watts are over. Use our lumens-to-watts conversion chart to choose the right LED bulb for your application.

  • Easy Steps to Prepare Your Landscape Lighting Fixtures for Winter

    Follow these easy steps to ensure your property and fixtures are ready for the winter months!

  • Home Security Lighting to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Burglars

    A home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the United States. Let's examine how landscape lighting can make your home less attractive to burglars who operate under the cover of darkness.

  • The How and Why of Recycling Mercury-Containing Bulbs

    Millions of mercury-containing lamps are sold in the U.S. each year. Unfortunately, most are improperly discarded, putting human health and the environment at risk.

  • Using Dark Sky Approved Lighting to Reduce Light Pollution

    Researchers claim that 99% of people in Europe and the United States live under light-polluted skies. In some parts of the world, people never experience a true night sky, but merely an artificial twilight. If you want to reduce light pollution, there are just four main dark sky lighting principles you need to know.

  • Turtle Safe Lighting Fixtures and Best Practices

    The use of turtle-friendly lighting helps improve the survival rate of sea turtle hatchlings. Learn about turtle safe fixtures and how to install them.

  • Professional's Guide to Landscape Lighting Photography

    Despite advances in digital cameras, taking night shots is still a challenge. The following guide gives you simple tips and tricks to create outstanding landscape lighting photos.

  • Low Voltage Landscape Lighting vs Line Voltage

    Learn the difference between low voltage (12V) vs. line voltage (120V) and how they are each used in landscape lighting projects.

  • Why Choose LED Lighting?

    Learn about the benefits LEDs provide and why they are rapidly replacing incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and other light sources.

  • UL Listings: What They Are & Why They Matter

    You may have seen a UL mark on an appliance or a table lamp or anything else that runs on electricity. You will certainly see it on VOLT® products. But this mark is notably absent from many landscape lights on the market. Why? The answer to that question requires some explaining.

  • LED Bulbs: Choosing the Best Color Temperature for Outdoor Lighting

    Whether warm or cool, color temperature influences the emotional impact of a room or landscape. Learn how to choose an LED bulb that delivers the best color temperature to create the desired effect for your application.

  • Understanding LED Thermal Management

    LEDs are known as solid state technology. This means no glass bulbs, gases, mercury, or filament. LED light is produced very efficiently. As a current is passed through the diode, a small amount of heat is released backwards. Most well-designed LED lighting systems require the use of a heat sink to reduce thermal stress.

  • How to Use Dichroic Color Filters for Landscape Lighting

    Dichroic filters are used to alter the color of a light source. In this article, learn how to select, care for & use color filters to bring your landscape lighting project to life.

  • Tiki Inspired Lighting (and a Cocktail) for Backyard Island Ambiance

    With a Mai Voltage Cocktail in hand and our 2-in-1 Tiki-Brass Torch Lights setting the mood, you can enjoy the laid-back tiki lifestyle in your backyard oasis.