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  • How to Use VOLT 'No Lead Wire' Fixtures

    The Integrated Hub System changes how landscape lighting systems are planned and designed. When hub system fixtures can act as junction hubs for connecting multiple fixtures and hub fixtures are easily interchangeable, the creative design possibilities are endless.

  • Decorating With Solar-Powered Holiday Lights

    Tired of unraveling extension cords and wondering what your electric bill is going to be at the end of December? Look no further; VOLT® offers solar-powered holiday lights!

  • Landscape Lighting for the Holidays

    Decorate your home for the holidays this year with color-coordinated, low-voltage landscape lighting. Colored lenses are simple to install, affordable, and reusable. 

  • How Landscape Lighting Affects Lawn Care

    Installing a basic landscape lighting system is an easy DIY project that, if done correctly, poses very little risk of lawn damage. Of course, you can also hire a pro to do it for you.

  • A DIYer's Dream - The Top Dog Spotlight

    Learn about the Top Dog Spotlight. This solid brass uplight features a convex lens, toothed knuckle and adjustable glare guard.

  • 5 Beautiful, Simple Landscape Lighting Techniques for Your Home

    Learn about these five landscape lighting techniques that add beauty and allure to your home's exterior at night.

  • Is Landscape Lighting Worth It? What Are the Benefits?

    Outdoor lighting is becoming a home improvement must-have. Let’s review the benefits of installing a landscape lighting system.

  • VOLT vs. Big Box Stores - The Benefits of Factory-Direct

    Let’s review how the factory-direct products and services from VOLT Lighting stack up against the big box, brick-and-mortar competition.

  • How Landscape Lighting Increases Home Security

    Landscape lighting deters would-be intruders by illuminating all entry/exit points, eliminating dark areas and potential hiding spots, and creating the illusion of an occupied residence.

  • National Sunglasses Day: The Importance of Lenses

    Just as lenses are important in the design of sunglasses, they are equally important when it comes to designing a beautiful low voltage landscape lighting system.

  • 5 Myths About Installing Landscape Lighting

    Let's cover some of the most common misconceptions surrounding landscape lighting!

  • Patio Lighting For Spring

    A properly lit patio offers an oasis for relaxation and a safe haven to recharge after a long, busy day. Light and color can create the right atmosphere for mood and ambiance while also providing safety.

  • Path & Area Lights: Beautiful & Functional

    Safety and security are often the main purposes of path lighting - but homeowners should also keep beauty in mind by selecting aesthetically pleasing fixtures.

  • Which Kit Is Best For You?

    Conveniently pre-assembled kits offer all of the components needed for a complete landscape lighting system, bundled at reduced costs. Thanks to these handy kits, a homeowner can completely transform a house while getting the accomplished feeling of successfully completing a DIY project with beautiful results.

  • Creating Functional Outdoor Spaces

    As landscape lighting technology has advanced, so have the unique control features available to homeowners who want to decide how and when their systems function.

  • Staying Involved in a Project That Requires a Contractor

    Let’s review what you need to know for a landscape lighting project involving a professional contractor and how best to stay involved before, during and after the project is completed.

  • Using Light and Shadows to Create Ambiance

    Decorative area lights are eye-catching luminaires; beautiful during the daytime and at night. When lit, the towers project compelling patterns of light and shadows to help set the mood and provide ambiance.

  • Home Lighting: Increasing Beauty & Utility with Outdoor Spotlights

    If landscape lighting is painting with light, then spotlights are the brushes. Spotlights can be applied to most  applications and are commonly used for emphasis.

  • DIY Grab & Go Landscape Lighting Kits

    Through the convenience of low-voltage landscape lighting kits, homeowners can become lighting designers in their own right.

  • The DIY Guide To Deck Lighting

    Deck lights are compact, versatile fixtures that provide bright spots in your landscape. Learn how to use them to extend your home's living spaces at night.

  • How to Select Spotlights for a Landscape Lighting Project

    Spotlights are used to put emphasis on specific architectural or landscape features. Unlike floodlights that shed light across a wide area, spotlights have narrower beams so they can focus on one thing at a time.

  • How to Choose Floodlights for Your Landscape Lighting Project

    Just as a flood describes water overflowing its boundaries, a flood light is defined as a luminaire that spreads light beyond the boundaries of other (more focused) lights. A flood of water is usually a problem, but a flood of light can be either good or bad.

  • How to Select Path Lights

    Learn how to select the ideal path light from VOLT's wide selection of sizes and styles in brass or copper.

  • Guide to Outdoor Downlighting: Nature Inspired Lighting from Above

    With downlights, we create landscape lighting that seems natural, like moonlight. Learn how proper outdoor downlighting comes down to skillfully placed and aimed luminaires.

  • Landscape Lighting Design Overview

    Plants and trees often take center stage in landscaping, but smart exterior lighting plays an equally important role. In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits, landscape lighting design also improves the functionality, safety and security of outdoor spaces around your home.

  • Home Security Lighting to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Burglars

    A home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the United States. Let's examine how landscape lighting can make your home less attractive to burglars who operate under the cover of darkness.

  • Everything to Know About Landscape Lighting Bulbs

    In this article, we cover the types of landscape lighting bulbs, also known as lamps. Topics include: LED vs. Halogen, Brightness, Wattage to Lumen Equivalents, Beam Angle, Color Temperature, and LED Lamp Life (L70).

  • How to Prevent Light Trespass

    Preventing light trespass or glare typically depends on the location of the fixture, the angle the light is projected and the fixtures ability to shield from glare. Choosing the right fixture, installing it properly and having the right lighting design are all critical.

  • How to Create a Landscape Lighting Installation Plan

    Installing a low voltage landscape lighting system is fairly straightforward, if you start with a plan. Learn the key steps you can follow to ensure a flawless project. 

  • How to Use Dichroic Color Filters for Landscape Lighting

    Dichroic filters are used to alter the color of a light source. In this article, learn how to select, care for & use color filters to bring your landscape lighting project to life.

  • How to Use Landscape Lighting Techniques

    Correct lighting techniques will highlight your important features and create the perfect amount of drama in a yard. Find out which techniques work best for your home's architectural features, garden accents, outdoor living spaces or backyard oasis.

  • Avoid Landscape Lighting Mistakes With These Design Tips

    Landscape lighting design can be a simple do-it-yourself project for most homeowners - but to the trained eye, there are some pitfalls to avoid. This article points out some common mistakes - and how to correct them.

  • Choosing Your Landscape Lighting Design Style

    We each have unique tastes, so choosing the ideal landscape lighting design is very personal, often involving a combination of techniques and strategies. Learn how to choose the right style for your specific home and outdoor area.

  • How To Light Up A Flagpole

    Are you among the many who enjoy displaying the American flag and celebrating patriotic holidays? Or are you a professional designer with patriotic clients? If so, don't neglect to light up the flag; it's always a bold and powerful statement in a nighttime landscape.

  • The Family Holiday Space: A Backyard Landscape Lighting Project

    You may love all the glitzy decorations that arise around every holiday, but to truly capture the holiday spirit and share it with your family, consider making a very personal and sacred family holiday space.

  • How to Use Decorative Bollards to Create Beauty with Light & Shadow

    Learn how to use decorative bollards to beautify your landscape. These fixtures feature intricately cut panels that project patterns upon surrounding surfaces.