How to Use VOLT 'No Lead Wire' Fixtures

Integrated Hub System

Integrated Hub System

What Is the 'Integrated Hub System'?

Revolutionary Designs – The Integrated Hub System changes how landscape lighting systems are planned and designed. When hub system fixtures can act as junction hubs for connecting multiple fixtures and hub fixtures are easily interchangeable, the creative design possibilities are endless.

Simplified Installs – Minimal, straight-forward assembly of components. Clamp-connectors are quick and secure; no more silicon residue when making wire connections. You can save time and money on supplies; no cable is wasted when you can cut-to-length.

Maximum Accessibility – From expanding your current system, troubleshooting an issue or doing simple maintenance; secure wire connections can be made quickly with easy access to the hub housings.

How to Use No Lead Wire Fixtures:

1.)Place Your Fixtures – Place your integrated hub system fixtures in the desired locations within your landscape. Be sure to follow any assembly and installation instructions (details provided with each individual fixture). For help with design & installation, WATCH: How To Install Landscape Lighting - Start With A Plan

2.)Measure & Cut – Buy the amount of cable you need based on exact measurements using the daisy chain method; no more wasted lead wire. The hub base allows your fixture to become a hub that allows you to connect up to ten Tri-Hub fixtures in a single run. Daisy Chain Connection Method

3.)Make Wire Connections – Robust, gas-tight levers make for a simple, reliable plug-and-play system; no more messy grease. Connections are made using the clamp connectors found within the bases of each integrated hub fixture.

Important to Note: