The DIY Guide To Deck Lighting

Low-voltage landscape lighting is a highly effective and relatively inexpensive way of revitalizing the nightscape of your home, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors after dark. Landscape lighting helps extend the living spaces of your property at night, and sleek, professional quality fixtures can stealthily enhance the look and feel of your home.

Deck lights, in particular, are compact, versatile fixtures that are highly sought after for a variety of residential applications. Thoughtfully chosen and properly placed deck lighting provides bright spots in the landscape while performing a number of tasks that make outdoor living truly great.


Mounted on posts and positioned on rails, deck lighting helps to illuminate entertainment areas and wash neighboring plants in soft light. Deck lights are also mounted on patios to provide lighting for outdoor seating areas or outdoor kitchens which serves many functional purposes such as a barbecue area on summer evenings.

Some homeowners also find unique ways of applying their deck lights. “Deck lights provide nice, warm light. They provide the perfect amount of gentle light for fire pit evenings - it lets you see your way around the patio but doesn't overpower the firepit,” Scott from North Carolina claims.

Through the use of deck lights, homeowners can create fully-functioning entertainment areas for their family and guests. The subtle lighting provided by deck lighting also enhances vibrant colors in landscapes and helps create a casual, relaxed mood for your outdoor space.

Lighting For Safety

In addition to using deck lights to illuminate the aesthetic qualities of a landscape, landscape lights can provide security and enhance safety.

When recessed into stair treads and risers, or mounted at defining access points, deck lighting provides safe guidance up steps, signals elevation changes, and defines perimeters within a landscape.

Keeping properties, and the people on them, secure is high on the list of priorities for most homeowners and landscape lighting is a simple and effective way to achieve that.


In the past, landscape lighting was typically only used to highlight architectural or yard features. With the latest trends, landscape lighting is increasing in popularity due to the benefits provided for outdoor lifestyles.

Modern and edgy designs emerge in neighborhoods every day and trends are evolving. Historically, halogen style fixtures were used and preferred for most landscape lighting projects.

Today, LED is more commonly preferred than its antiquated counterpart. Landscape lights utilizing LEDs offer homeowners the long-lasting efficiency they want, and the powerful light output that they need.

VOLT Lighting® has a helpful page with tips for selecting and installing deck lighting. For more information about how you can enhance your nighttime lifestyle with deck lighting, be sure to visit our resource center for more information.