Easy Steps to Prepare Your Landscape Lighting Fixtures for Winter

Adjust Your Settings to Match the Shorter Days

As winter approaches, the days start to get shorter and shorter which can mean that your landscape lighting system is not properly programmed for the new season. Be sure to take a brief moment to adjust the timer settings in your transformer to match the new daylight hours for your location. Keep in mind, with the VOLT® Photocell Timer Combo , adjusting your timer is not required. When the timer dial is set to dusk-to-dawn, the photocell will operate in accordance with the rising and setting of the sun.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Fixtures

With VOLT’s® solid brass and solid copper fixtures, regular cleaning is not required as the finishes are designed to patina beautifully over time and naturally blend with surrounding landscaping. If you are looking for ways to keep your metal fixtures shinning throughout the winter – we recommend these cleaning methods:

For removing hard water stains from a fixture, soap and water is a simple but effective approach. Start by filling a small bowl with a mixture of water and a touch of dish soap. With a soft cloth or sponge in-hand, gently scrub away any buildup. Let the fixture sit for 1-2 minutes after scrubbing and then rinse away the suds. Keep repeating until the desired result is reached.

For a chemical cleaner, Brasso is a solution that is specifically designed for removing patina from metals like copper and brass. To apply this, simply place a small amount directly onto a soft sponge or soft cloth and gently rub the solution into the surface of the fixture. Buff the polished areas thoroughly with a clean rag. Be careful of over polishing when applying a chemical such as Brasso as you could expose the raw metal underneath the finish if applying too much pressure.

Add New Fixtures for Safety

When snowfall inevitably begins and freezing occurs, traversing your property at night can become a safety concern. With VOLT® fixtures, you can rest assured that your lights will be emitting light even through the thickest snowfall. Before winter fully arrives, be sure to analyze your property at night. Do you notice any poorly lit areas that could be a potential injury hazard with snow and ice forming? By expanding your current landscape lighting system, you can ensure that the high-traffic areas of your yard are well lit for yourself and potential visitors.

Switch to LED (If you haven’t already!)

Not only are you guaranteed to have a long-lasting bulb (Avg. of 40,000+ hrs); the savings you will receive on your energy bill make LEDs the go-to for residential lighting during the winter. A 150-Watt LED system saves on average $483 when compared to a standard 1000-Watt non-LED system. Those savings can be crucial when the rest of the home is eating up heating costs while the temperatures continue to decline.