Decorating With Solar-Powered Holiday Lights

solar holiday lights

Another simple way to convert your home for the holidays is to use solar-powered holiday lights. VOLT® Solay-powered Holiday Lights are quick and easy to set up, and they don't add on money to your electric bills during the holiday months.

Solar holiday lights provide a warm, subtle light output from a strand containing over 200 LEDs and, best of all, they are also simple to install, remove, and store.


How Do They Work?

VOLT®'s solar-powered holiday lights feature a 72-foot LED light strand with a separate solar panel for power. The kit includes a detachable ground stake for mounting the solar panel firmly into the ground. The solar panel means installation is easy; simply install and adjust the solar panel, then install the lights accordingly.

Charging is important. In addition to sunlight, you also have the option of charging the batteries with the USB cable (included). When charging via sunlight or USB, it is important that the ON/OFF button is in the "ON" mode. This can be tested by covering the solar panel to ensure that the lights are on. The USB charger is great when there isn't enough sunlight on a cloudy or overcast day.

Solar holiday lights are perfect for lighting your outdoor spaces at Christmas or all year long. Use to decorate your patio, mailbox, greenery, fences, and when an electrical outlet is not available.