Path & Area Lights: Beautiful & Functional

Path and area lights are without a doubt the most popular low-voltage landscape lighting fixtures. While the main goal of path lighting is typically illumination for safety and security, using aesthetically pleasing fixtures for beauty should also be a considerable goal for any homeowner. Unfortunately, many landscape lighting manufacturers do not take this into consideration when designing their path lights. VOLT®, on the other hand, offers the most comprehensive line of low-voltage Path & Area Lights available on the market. Fixtures with classical styling and ones with modern styling are available, as well as more decorative luminaires such as bollard lights.

Which Path Light Is Best for Your Project?

Classic Pathlight Decorative Specialty Estate Fixtures

Need More Help?

If you are still unsure about what path lights you should use for your project or if you have any other questions about a path lighting project, be sure to visit the Learning Center. The library of informational videos and how-to-articles can help you decide further what fixtures are needed, and even teach you how to install your very own path lighting system quickly and easily.