LED Energy Savings Calculators

LED energy savings calculators
Above, a screenshot of the VOLT LED Energy Savings Calculators.

"A light bulb is a heater that happens to give off a little light."

The first time I heard the above quote I was shocked and wondered if it was true. Sure enough, a typical incandescent light bulb emits 90% of it's energy as heat - only 10% as light. It's no wonder that so much time and expense went into developing a light source that improves that equation. That new light source: LEDs.

Switching from incandescent to LED makes sense - primarily for economic reasons - It reduces your energy bill and helps conserve the nation's energy supply.

We've created some LED Energy Savings Calculators that should further convince you to switch all your lights to LEDs. The calculators will also estimate the time it takes to pay back your initial LED investment.

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