6 Tips for a Better Landscape Lighting Plan

Landscape Lighting Sketch Layout

What is a Landscape Lighting Plan?

A lighting plan includes a carefully prepared description of lighting goals, strategies to achieve those goals, and a list of products required to accomplish the task. Your plan may be accompanied by drawings, photos, and a timeline for completion. A hired professional might walk the property with the homeowner and describe his or her vision for the transformation that would take place. This is the value of a lighting professional, and for those with a budget to hire a pro, the results are well worth the investment.

What if Hiring a Pro is not in the Budget?

If the budget is not there, and if you are a do-it-yourselfer with basic electrical skills and the willingness to purchase high quality products, then you can create your own lighting plan.

Here are six tips for a better landscape lighting plan.

  1. Set lighting goals. You can set a very specific goal - such as "Light my front path" or "Illuminate my mailbox". That's fine for a very limited project. But, lighting can accomplish a host of things on your property. Here are the main ones. Put each goal on a separate page.
    • Safety. Ensure that no one trips or falls on your property.
    • Security. Illumination deters would-be intruders - but it must be done correctly.
    • Beauty. Use light to reveal beauty already existing in the landscape. And, use light and shadow to create new beauty.
    • Lifestyle. Extend your backyard living space and illuminate recreational areas
    • Economy. If you have non-LED lighting on your property, it's time to join the LED wave and start saving energy.
  2. Create a strategy to achieve each goal. Take each goal and write down how you intend to achieve that goal - what lights you will use and where you will place them. If you don't know how, hire a pro (ideally) or call VOLT at 813-978-3700.
  3. Create a sketch for each region of your property to be illuminated.
  4. Mark fixture and transformer locations on each sketch.
  5. Draw lines (for wires) from fixtures to hubs and transformers - estimate length of each wire.
  6. Create a product list and place your order. If you have questions, call VOLT before placing the order.

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