How to Install Landscape Lighting Like a Pro

While basic landscape lighting installation is fairly straightforward, many common shortcuts can reduce system longevity and cause ongoing maintenance issues.

For professionals, landscape lighting installation shortcuts not only impact the customer and your reputation but also reflect negatively on the landscape lighting industry as a whole. To address this, VOLT provides a number of resources found in our Learning Center that support the professional in the use of best practices.

It is our goal to provide you with the fixtures, accessories, and resources to allow your design, artistry, and imagination to flow. A dedication to this type of ongoing education, that separates the dedicated landscape lighting professional from the rest of the pack.

Professional landscape lighting results

5 Tips to Get Professional Results

Experienced landscape lighting contractors know that to get professional results, you need to:

  1. Use only pro-quality landscape lighting products such as VOLT fixtures, transformers, cable, and connectors.
  2. Follow all codes that apply in your region, and obtain the appropriate certifications and permits.
  3. Use a goal-based design approach that addresses the key goals: safety, security, beauty, lifestyle, environment, and economy.
  4. Engage the client in a collaborative partnership that ensures a successful outcome and ongoing relationship.
  5. Move forward with an attitude of continuous learning and improvement.

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