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When deciding on what fixture is right for your home project, the number of available options can be a bit overwhelming. From wondering what a convex lens means to what the benefits of having an adjustable glare guard are!

Today we are dissecting the Top Dog Spotlight and what makes it a DIYer's dream fixture.

The Build

When it comes to professional quality, VOLT is no stranger to making sure every fixture developed will last a lifetime (we have a guarantee to back that up!). The Top Dog Spotlight features a solid brass body built for durability and longevity. The finish is a natural bronze that won't wear off or peel but instead only becomes more beautiful as time goes on. This heavy-duty build showcases the superior quality the moment you get it in your hands. There is a reason the Top Dog has become our most popular fixture.

Key Features

There are key features you'll find in the Top Dog that make it stand out from the other spotlights available.

  • Convex Lens - When deciding on the right fixture for your project, the lens shape isn't the first thought that comes to mind but is essential after you've installed. The rounded shape of the lens allows for water to shed effortlessly and negates any pooling that could occur.

  • Toothed Knuckle - A toothed knuckle is extremely important in the longevity of your fixture and is key in an install and forget kind of project. The interlocking teeth create a solid and unshakeable hold that eliminates the need to re-adjust your fixture.

  • Adjustable Glare Guard - A glare guard is essential in most spotlights VOLT develops and the Top Dog is no exception. Once installed, loosen the lock screw and spin the glare guard to the position needed for your project. You'll eliminate the illumination that creates that unpleasant shine into your eyes or roadways and keep it directed onto the focus of choice.

Hear from Other Customers

  • "The Top Dog, as well as all the other cast brass LED spotlights from VOLT® Lighting, is the best. High quality; great construction; nice light; easy to install. What more can you ask for?! And, VOLT® stands behind their products" - CJ

  • "I love my new lights. I used these lights to light a waterfall and a small bridge in my backyard. They are heavy and well made." - Suzanne

  • "Excellent quality. These lights compare to those I priced at lighting stores for as much as $280. Originally purchased five for backyard landscape and was so pleased purchased another seven for front and side (I live on a corner). Quick delivery at reasonable rate considering the second order included wire; it must have weighted more than ten pounds. I'm a very picky consumer and could not be more satisfied with this product." - Walter

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Top Dog Spotlight

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