5 Myths About Installing Landscape Lighting

5 Myths Of Landscape Lighting

1. Landscape Lighting Is Expensive.

In today’s competitive market, there are many affordable landscape lighting fixtures available. Every homeowner’s goal should be to search for the best value possible; lights that meet their needs without destroying the budget. Other factors to consider beyond price include quality, warranties, and -most importantly- customer support. As a DIY homeowner, you may, in fact, have questions which are why customer support should not be an underrated service in the industry. The team at VOLT® offers all of this value and more.

Affordable Lighting

2. You Must Have Professional Experience.

You DO NOT need to have any prior experience working with low-voltage systems. Installing landscape lighting does not require any specific licenses or certifications (but always be sure to verify your local codes and regulations). Also, when purchasing from a professional manufacturer, products typically require minimal assembly and are relatively simple to install. Today, pre-assembled kits are also available from select manufacturers. Homeowners can get a complete landscape lighting system with a simple, one-click purchase.

Landscape Lighting Kits

3. A Lot Of Complex Tools Are Required.

Sophisticated, expensive tools are NOT required to install a low-voltage landscape lighting system. Again, minimal product assembly is typically required. The only landscape lighting tools needed to install a system are -essentially- a shovel/spade, wire strippers/cutters, a screwdriver, and a power drill. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, some additional tools may be required.

Safe Installation

4. Not Safe To Work With.

Low-voltage (12V) electricity is virtually harmless to the average person and installing 12V light fixtures requires no previous electrical experience or licenses. Because 12V is a much lower voltage compared to line voltage (120/240V), it is more difficult for the electrical current to overcome the built-in resistance of human skin and other objects. Due to the general safety advantage of 12V LED Systems, there is a lack of a universal set of regulations. Although there are no legal requirements, the team at VOLT® makes sure that all of their products are UL Listed for safety and compliance; an endeavor that many manufacturer’s neglect.

5. The Products Are Cheap Quality.

You get what you pay for; if you invest in cheap, poorly designed fixtures, they more than likely won’t last very long. Some homeowners think “Well, I might as well invest in cheap fixtures that I can routinely replace.” If this is not your philosophy and you believe in marking a smart, lifelong investment, then professional quality landscape lights are certainly available on the market. Do your due diligence; do the research and get the best.